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A marine appraiser carries out marine appraisels on vessels, boats, yachts.  A good marine appraiser is very thorough in his appraisals.  When you request a marine appraiser, be sure he has a specialty in marine appraising,and marine surveying.

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Good surveyors are found in all US states, including Florida, Alabama, , Mississippi, Georgia, south Carolina, north Carolina, and the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, west Indies, Mexico. A good consultant works with boat builders, yacht builders, ship, ship yards, marinas. Consultants complete pre-purchase survey, value survey, insurance survey, condition survey.

A good consultant uses NFPA, abyc, sname, thermal imaging, infrared, scan, hull scan, to complete hull inspections and florida marine surveys. A good consultant completes surveys using marine infrared, infrared camera, infrared cameras, infrared thermography, marine survey ultra sound, investigator, marine investigator, investigation, investigations, specialty investigations. cargo surveyor, cargo surveying.

Good investigators belong to the society of accredited marine surveyors, american boat and yacht council, national fire protection association, american society of appraisers, society of naval architects and marine engineers, surveyors guild, tampabay mariners club, international association of marine investigators, florida marine intelligence unit.

Good appraisers conform to the uspap standards, uniform code of professional appraisal practise.